Checked Baggage

    It is that by whose custody is solely the carrier, and by which issues a ticket checked baggage. It has two parts, the passenger to claim it at their final destination and which is placed in the luggage to be transported.

    The user should not include in your checked baggage, fragile or perishable items such as money, jewelry, precious stones or metals, silverware, negotiable papers, titles or other securities; cash, passports, cameras or video camcorders, computers, calculators, eyeglasses, or bottles of liquor, medical equipment, mobile phones, or any other valuables or fragile, for which the air carrier is not responsible if it transported under those conditions.

    Valuables should be transported under manifestation of declared value. If this value is accepted by the air carrier and has paid a supplementary sum, it responds to the limit of that value. However, in these cases, the air carrier can require the passenger conditions or additional security measures for such transportation.

Baggage Policies

Domestic Flights:

  1 piece of 23kg (checked baggage).

  1 piece of 5kg (hand luggage).

  Los cargos por exceso de equipaje se calculan en base al 1% del costo de la tarifa base económica one way (OW) más alta en la ruta, más Iva.

Internacionals Flights:

Destination: Panamá.

  1 pieza de 28Kg (equipaje facturado).

  1 piece of 5kg (hand luggage).

Destino: La Habana.

  2 piezas de 23Kg (equipaje facturado).

  1 piece of 5kg (hand luggage).

Resto de Destinos Internacionales.

  1 piece of 23Kg (checked baggage).

  1 piece of 5kg (hand luggage).

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